Julian Walker

In The Picture, 2000

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Crest: Having

In The Picture
Wolverhampton Art Gallery  2001

This commissioned exhibition was based on a large eighteenth-century portrait of 14 members of the Lee family by Joseph Highmore, now a major work in the municipal gallery; the works were an interpretation of the presence and role of the art-object in its present situation. With the collaboration of photographer Claire Sancroft, three large photographs were made using local people in the same group pose as the original painting; a video was made in which my hand touched the whole of the surface of the painting, challenging and re-affirming the iconic status of the painting as object. The family crest which formed part of the frame of the painting was recast in chocolate, lead, concrete, soil and gilded with a text outlining the family's possessions to examine the ideas of desire, permanence and ownership. A screen was set up with a rough outline of the composition, with an invitation to visitors to copy a small part of the painting and fix it in position; this elicited over 500 contributions. In his review of the exhibition Andrew Benjamin wrote that the works allowed "art [to] engage with the conditions of its own production."




Video: Touch